• More Affordable – less expensive than ready‐to‐drink coconut waters. A single canister of COCO HYDRO SPORT consists of water of 45 coconuts!
  • More Convenient – Imagine having to carry 2 coconuts in your bag! COCO HYDRO SPORT canister conveniently fit in your gym bag for coconut water anytime, anywhere!
  • More Sustainable – only the nutrients are shipped, which means the water is not being shipped around the world, allowing the end user to tap into their local water source, cutting down on fossil fuel usage from beginning of supply chain to delivery on the shelf. While the manufacturer continue to research bio-packaging that will not degrade the integrity of the COCO HYDRO SPORT; the waste is a small percentage of non‐recycled container and energy used
    through recycling.
  • More Versatile – it is a powder concentrate, hence it can be used anywhere and in many ways, both outdoors and indoor. Use it in your own water bottle for exercise during daily workout, gym classes, yoga, jogging, mountain bike ride, extreme sports or bring it for camping. Perfect for home or at the office in your desk or fill up the cooler at the kid’s sports games to keep them hydrated! A great option in smoothies as well.
  • Tastes Great – tastes like coconut water because it is made from organic coconut water!
  • Provides 5 essential electrolytes in every serving – Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and Sodium, in addition to 150% of vitamin C!
  • Social Responsibility – Big Tree Farms coconut supply chain provides the Fair Choice certified organic coconut water by the Control Union agency; ensuring the products are from the freshest of young, green coconuts and the farmers are paid a fair market value for the products.