Vegan* Non-GMO *Gluten-Free

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COCO HYDRO SPORT quickly dissolves in water allowing the consumers to easily create coconut water drinks. Coconut water is an isotonic beverage, providing the body with balanced electrolytes—making it Nature’s Ultimate Hydration. COCO HYDRO SPORT undergoes an enzymatic spray‐dry process in order to retain as many nutrients as possible that exist within the coconut water. The low temperature enzymatic spray drying process used to remove the 97% water utilizes Non‐GMO tapioca glucose as a processing aid, which allows the nutrients to attach so they are not dispersed and lost with water molecules.

Product Features

      • Non-synthetic source of electrolytes
      • Helps balance PH in the body
      • Natural source of energy
      • Whole nutrient alternative to artificial powders

Perfect For

      • Athletes
      • Treating dehydration
      • Add in smoothies
      • Healthy alternative to sodas or energy drinks
      • Especially good for people who like their tastiness mixed in with healthiness!


Organic evaporated coconut water*, tapioca glucose, Balinese sea salt, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) & ionic trace minerals. *Certified organic by Control Union.

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