• Organic Raw Cashew Cacao Cluster

    “Not to get technical… but according to chemistry, Cacao is the solution ”

Cachew Cacao Cluster


Cold-Processed * Organic* Vegan*Gluten-Free

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There is simply no alternative to Truly Raw™ cashews; sweeter, richer and more appetizing than any other cashew tasted. In 2007 the term ”Truly Raw” is coined to create a clear distinction between our cold processed cashew products and other industry standard heat treated “raw” product. The definition of “raw” for the nut industry simply means “not roasted”, yet the nuts can still be cooked and heat-treated. Cashew-in-shell are either boiled in oil or scorched in fire in order to loosen the shell prior to cracking and speed the process. However, during that heating process the cashew degrades significantly and essential fatty acids and enzymes are destroyed. The processing necessary for our Authentically Raw™ cashews is slow, relative to conventional processing, but the high quality and unbeatable flavor are unquestionable. As an example of this, typical cashews in India are processed at a rate of 12-14kg per worker per day while our Truly Raw™ cashews typical processing rates are only between 4-5kg per worker per day! The organic raw Cashew-Cacao Cluster are made by rolling the Truly Raw Cacao Nibs and Truly Raw Cashews around in the luscious low glycemic organic coconut palm nectar and then adding just a dash of sea salt. The result is a snack that is soooooo good and soooooo healthy, you will quickly find yourself carrying the Clusters around with you everywhere you go! Great to keep at the office, in the snack bowl on the counter, on your morning granola, on top of your morning smoothie or eaten straight from the canister. Definitely, it’s ALL GOOD!

Product Features

      • Truly raw organic cold-processed cashew-cacao cluster processed at 40°C
      • Sweetened with low glycemic organic coconut palm nectar
      • Great source of energy and cell nourishing nutrients
      • Divinely delicious and superfood snacks
      • Certified organic, cold-processed, gluten-free, kosher and vegan.


Organic Cold-Processed Cacao Nibs, Organic Cold-Processed Cashews, Organic Coconut Palm Nectar, Sea Salt

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