Cacao – The Superfood. Organic. Raw. Gluten-Free

Turn your sweet tooth cravings into super-nutrition with our Organic Cold Processed Cacao Powder! Yes!… cacao is HEALTHY for you, and is in fact, the nature’s highest antioxidant rich superfood.

BUT only in its truly RAW state, Cold Processed, 100% Organic, NO Dairy, NO Gluten!

We want you to be healthy! That’s why we want to share the raw food lifestyle with you. We strive to be the leading source of supply for the best wholesome, truly wonderful premium food products. Our organic antioxidant and mineral rich cacao powder with mild, nutty and citrusy flavor is ideal for people seeking:

– Improved mood and energy levels
– Super-strong antioxidant boost
– Improved immunity and anti-aging support
– Reduction in Blood Pressure

Cacao Superfood’s Many Benefits
Raw cacao is called superfood as it has 40x more antioxidants than blueberries, 2x more iron than spinach, 40% more calcium than milk, and is the highest plant-based sources of magnesium as well. And it tastes great too! The nutrients found in raw cacao has been linked to many health benefits:

  1. Supports healthy heart functioning
  2. Neutralizes free radicals
  3. Promotes cardiovascular function
  4. Improves mood and combats depression
  5. Supports digestion & enhances circulation
  6. Enhances physical and mental well-being

Superfood Cacao – Powder, Nibs, Butter and Drinking Chocolate

We are fortunate to be able to supply the highest quality and organic raw cacao superfood products in Malaysia. These cacao products are grown and processed under the strictest quality control standards and is certified to be organically grown.

  • Raw Cacao PowderGreat in raw and baked goods and confections, blended into smoothies, soups or salad dressings, or as a healthy replacement for your morning!
  • Raw Cacao Sweet Nibs: A healthy and delicious snacking, or use this in place of conventional chocolate chips for a healthful twist in all your kitchen creations.
  • Organic Raw Cashew-Cacao Cluster: A good, healthy snacking option or sprinkle it over your morning granola or on top of your morning smoothie.
  • Organic Raw Cacao Butter: Amazing to be used as skin moisturizer or in tasty kitchen creations.
  • Organic Raw Drinking Chocolate: Scoop two or three spoonful into a mug, add warm water and enjoy!
  • Check out our Recipes page for some amazing recipes that can be made with our cacao superfoods!