Food for Healthy Heart

Protect & Make Your Heart Healthy with these Potent Superfoods

While the month of February is forever synonymous with all heart-related things, but at the same time, it is also the month to bring awareness to physical heart health and heart disease prevention. It’s necessary too because with each passing year heart disease ranks top on the chart for being the leading cause of death across the world, putting it ahead of even cancer. Heart disease is actually the result of poor diet and lifestyle habits, two aspects of life that we can control and manage.

Food for Healthy Heart

So the need of the hour is to leave the processed stuff aside, and instead adopt foods for a healthy heart. Eating habits and other lifestyle factors play a major role in determining the risk of heart disease. A diet that features all-natural foods such as grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, and other organic foods is considered to be the best remedy for heart health in Malaysia and other parts of the world.

Following are the great superfoods that can protect and make your heart healthy:

Cacao – While organic raw cacao is one of the the base ingredient in all chocolates, it also is rich in an impressive array of phytonutrition. Cacao is rich in flavonoid antioxidants that help protect the cardiovascular system. Flavonoids help increase blood flow and reduce high blood pressure. It also strengthens integrity and elasticity of our blood vessels and capillary walls, thereby protecting them from getting ruptured.

Garlic – This spicy vegetable is used in various cuisines across the globe to enhance the flavor and taste. It is full of potent medicinal punch. Garlic is rich in sulfur – the 3rd most abundant mineral in the human body. Sulfur helps in protein synthesis and collagen & elastin formation, which further helps in maintaining the structure and integrity of our connective tissues and artery walls. Enjoy the benefits by adding it in a variety of recipes.

Chia And Flax Seeds – Healthy fats are critical for heart health. Chia and flax seeds have rich content of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are not only highly anti-inflammatory but they also help triglycerides in the blood. They also play a vital role in reducing blood pressure and keep a control over the risk of irregular heartbeat. Chia seeds and flax seeds are the great plant-based alternative for Omega-3 fatty acids.

Raw Cacao Butter – Organic raw cacao butter is the purest form of butter which is cold processed and full of healing benefits. Cacao butter is rich in Vitamin E and flavonoids that protect the heart and blood vessels. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that prevents the risk of cancer and heart disease. Flavonoids also protect the cardiovascular system along with blood vessels and heart.

Avocado – Avocado is a rich source of monounsaturated fat, which plays a vital role in lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol and raising the HDL (good) cholesterol levels in the body. Adding avocado to your salads is also a great way to include those fat-soluble nutrients in your diet.

Be on your way to better health and appreciate simpler things in life by consuming ,food for the healthy heart. Diet Angels’ vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and cold-processed cacao products have low Glycemic Index and are considered as the best remedy for heart health. While in Malaysia, you can buy Diet Angel’s organic food products from the selected organic food stores. Check it out where to get our organic raw foods in Malaysia.

Food for Healthy Heart

Eat Your Way To A Healthy Heart, For A Healthy & Long Life

When it comes to improving or maintaining the health of your heart, all of us want to have a healthy lifestyle and healthy foods. Nobody wants to be dependent on medicine. One should stock their kitchen cabinets, along with the pantry and refrigerator with healthy organic foods for a healthy heart, body and mind. Our eating habits and the food we eat influences many of the things that contribute to heart disease, including:

Food for Healthy Heart

1. High blood pressure
2. High cholesterol
3. Diabetes
4. Inflammation and electrical instability

Now the question is “Which foods are healthy and which are not?” There are available plenty of organic foods for healthy heart out of which you can make different cuisines and sweet dishes, while still enjoying all the health benefits. Some of the best choices include fish, vegetables, and whole grains. To see a complete list, keep on reading further.

EAT MORE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES – Fruits and vegetables are not only rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins but also in phytochemicals. When a food contains phytochemicals, it provides protection against certain health conditions including heart disease. Adding just a little extra fruit or vegetables at each mealtime can make a big difference. You can take some fruit in the breakfast along with the cereals, during the day time you can include them in the smoothie and so on. Always make sure that half of your plate contains vegetables or adding extra grated veggies or leftover veg to one pot/casserole-style dishes.

INCLUDE VEGAN/GLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS – Food brings joy and happiness to us, yet a constant bad choice of food can cost you a fortune when your health is compromised. Hence it is highly recommended to include raw organic products such as raw cacao powder, raw cacao butter, organic raw drinking chocolate, organic cold-processed chocolates, and organic coconut nectar as ingredients in all the dishes you prepare. This is so because they are great, premium, organic, raw and whole foods. They are certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, cold-processed products who have a low Glycemic Index.

USE HEART HEALTH FATS, LIKE FISH & OLIVE OIL – Fish oil derived from salmon, tuna and sardines are high in Omega 3 fats. The Omega 3 fats appear to have a protective effect on heart health by decreasing undesirable triglycerides, their anti-inflammatory properties and their ability to act as a blood thinner thus reducing the chance of blood clots. Similarly, olive oil has some awesome benefits due to its high levels of monounsaturated fat and antioxidants. It has been associated with increasing our HDL cholesterol and decreasing our triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and risk of oxidative damage.

So there you go. Your diet should include these three types of foods for a healthy heart. This doesn’t means you have to give up great-tasting dishes or your favorite food that you relish all the time. You simply had to make use of vegan organic ingredients so that your healthy well being does not get affected.