On a Diet? Still You Can Enjoy Chocolate With These Tips

Can You Really Eat Dark Chocolate While Dieting?

Of course you can eat dark chocolate while dieting! Dark chocolate is usually considered safe for any meal plan as it contains less fats and calories in comparison to the highly unhealthy milk chocolate. In fact, few chocolaty treats can be included in your weight loss diet because dark chocolate is made from cacao, which naturally contains antioxidant called catechins. Catechins enhance the process of fat burning, and they are also beneficial in a number of ways such as promoting heart health.

Dark Chocolate for Diet

Diet Angel’s organic dark chocolates are naturally rich in anandamide nutrient, which is a mood enhancing compound. While the cardiovascular health is taken care of by the presence of Magnesium and Theobromine, the iron is responsible for the promotion of blood, muscle and brain function. The antioxidants found in the cold-processed dark chocolates help in disease prevention and cell recovery.

Which type of chocolate is considered healthy?

If you want to minimize the impact of delicious dessert on your waistline, treat yourself with organic dark chocolates. Organic dark chocolates are made using organic cacao beans and organic cacao butter. Unlike milk chocolate, the organic dark chocolate has higher percentage of cacao and it is milk-free! Dark chocolate gives a bitter-sweet due to low sugar levels, yet it is rich in flavor and aroma.

Our dark chocolates not only taste good but they are great, premium whole foods. Our dark chocolate is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and sweetened with low glycemic organic coconut palm nectar. The ingredients present in the dark chocolate cause no adverse effects on your health, thereby letting you to achieve your “to be slim trim” goals.

How to enjoy vegan chocolate while on a diet?

Simply buy our cold-processed organic dark chocolate bars or you can make them at home using these ingredients: organic cold-processed cacao butter, 2-5 tablespoons organic coconut palm nectar and organic raw cacao powder (unsweetened).

By using the ‘double boiler’ technique, melt the organic cold-processed cacao butter. Pour sweetener into the butter while the bowl still remains on the “boiler” and whisk until perfectly combined. Now remove this sweetened butter from the boiler and add cacao powder. Mix until it becomes smooth. Pour the chocolate into cupcake liners and put them in the fridge for 10-15 minutes.

It is always recommended to store your dark chocolate in an air tight container in the fridge otherwise it will melt. You also have the option to add flavors such as vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt or cayenne pepper so as to enrich the taste of your dessert. The chocolates taste so good that you’ll wonder how you could settle down for less! Now you can include dark chocolate in your diet guilt-free while you are following a weight loss program.

Dark Chocolate for Diet

Dark Chocolates Can Make Your Skin Flawless Along With Other Benefits

Dark chocolate is one amongst the countless products that are being derived from the cacao beans. It is not very popular among people as it tastes a little bitter. Along with health benefits, dark chocolate also has many beauty benefits, which make it more preferable than the regular varieties of chocolate.

Dark Chocolates Can Make Your Skin Flawless Along With Other Benefits
Including organic dark chocolate in your diet is highly beneficial as it is loaded with potent antioxidants and contains various essential nutrients which help you to stay healthy and beautiful. Powerful antioxidants like flavonoids help to avoid cardiovascular disorders and reduce risks of strokes. In addition, it also works to keep your blood cholesterol level and blood pressure in check. Seamless vision is another health benefit offered by this magical ingredient.


  • Protection Against the UV Rays – The direct sun rays can affect your skin and the damage that occurs resulting from the UV rays is permanent. Hence, it is always recommended to wear a sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. You can also rely on dark chocolates to prevent sunburns and skin cancer. A piece of organic dark chocolates can be consumed on a daily basis. This is because cacao boosts blood circulation to the fine skin capillaries in the top layer of your skin, helping them to draw more oxygen and nutrients to protect the skin against dehydration and burns.
  • Reduces Stress Hormones that Leads to Collagen Breakdown – Many of us out there eat a lot of chocolates before the exam or while we are in stress. However, if the same is done with dark chocolate it might not be that bad for you! Cacao has been proven to help in the reduction of stress hormones. This is ultimately great for your skin, as fewer stress hormones mean fewer collagen breakdowns and therefore fewer wrinkles! The antioxidants present in the dark chocolates are said to increase the skin complexion making it more smooth and supple.
  • Fights With and Reduce Wrinkles – The antioxidants present in dark chocolate attack the free radicals and keep the wrinkles away thus making your skin glow and smooth. These free radicals are responsible for creating wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. As we age, the texture of the skin also changes. Hence, one must take extra care to keep those creases away. Regular consumption of dark chocolate helps you achieve a smooth skin. It also keeps your skin moist and well nourished.
  • Remove Dead Cells and Promote New Cell Growth – Due to various reasons, skin tends to pile up a lot of dead cells. Due to this, the skin is not able to breathe in the fresh air because the dead cells become a barrier. Dark chocolate acts as a detoxifier and shed off the piled up dead cells from the skin naturally. Dark chocolates lessen the inflammation in the overall digestive system, helping you to grow good bacteria needed for healthy skin. Thus, it makes your skin bright and helps you look more fresh and glowing.

There is no longer a need to feel guilty indulging in eating dark chocolate, provided that the dark chocolate is made from premium quality ingredients like organic raw cacao and sweetened with health unrefined sweetener. The aforesaid skin benefits of eating dark chocolate are the good reasons to include organic dark chocolate in your diet. However, chocolate should be consumed in limited quantity. Over-consumption of chocolates can increase your weight as they are caloric in nature. Thus, count your chocolates before you pop them into your mouth.