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Celebrate Aidilfitri with Diet Angel

Article courtesy of Davina Goh

During this festive time of Aidilfitri, it is easy to indulge oneself in the gastronomic wonders that Open Houses bring. As much as it is important to have a good time and not disappoint your hosts, it is equally important to approach any feast in a way that does not compromise on your health and good spirits. Here are some tips on how to eat healthy this Aidilfitri:

  1. Avoid heavy meals.

If you are emerging from fasting month, your body needs time to re-adjust to regular eating habits. Instead of having 2-3 huge meals that will shock your system, break it down into 4-5 smaller meals, to give your stomach the chance to digest the food better.


  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Keep meat intake to a minimum (especially red meats) to prevent digestion problems and to keep cancer, diabetes, liver and heart disease at bay. Plenty of vegetables and fruits are recommended, as their high water and fibre content could keep you from over-eating.


  1. Choose Low-GI sweeteners

The Glycaemic Index (GI) measures how fast the body breaks a food down into glucose. The lower the measurement, the slower the breakdown and the more gradual rise in blood sugar levels. A low GI sweetener, like Big Tree Farm’s Organic Coconut Sugar, could replace normal sugar in drinks such as cordials and tea and coffee, and could help you avoid a ‘sugar crash’ that contributes to that notorious food-induced coma.


  1. Chew!

There are multiple benefits in chewing your food for longer periods. An increased exposure to the enzymes in your saliva allows for easier digestion after swallowing, it maximizes the intake of nutrients, and gives your brain time to realize when you are actually full, which usually takes 15-20 minutes. There’s no rule to how many times you should chew, but 30-40 times is a safe range to reap the rewards.


  1. A sweet ending with Dark Chocolate

When it comes to desserts, reaching for some dark chocolate might be a good idea. Research has shown that dark chocolate gives you a feeling of fullness better than milk chocolate does. At the same time, eating dark chocolate reduces cravings for other sweet desserts, as well as salty and fatty foods, which could save you from going back for seconds. Big Tree Farms’ Wonder Chocolate is a great option to have at the dessert table with its pretty packaging and modest size.


Raw Chocolate

Raw Chocolate: A Sweet Remedy to Cure Cough

Nobody waits for any special occasion to eat chocolate, and now you got one more healthy reason to eat chocolate. An ingredient found in raw chocolate may provide relief from constant coughing. Raw chocolate is the unprocessed form of chocolate. It contains a chemical called the obromine that can help your body fight off the symptoms of the cough and cold.


Raw Chocolate


Two studies confirm “Chocolate is a Better Cure for Cough than Codeine”

Coughing is a medical condition that affects most people at some point of their lives. However, there is no effective treatment available for the same. Persistent coughing may not be harmful but it does affect the quality of your life. A study presented at the winter meetings of British Thoracic Society in 2012 found that theobromine has a positive effect on chronic cough. Another study conducted at the National Heart and Lung Institute in London showed that theobromine blocked the action of sensory nerves in people suffering from cough & cold. When the sensory nerves are blocked, the cough reflex will be stopped in a common cold. Researchers also found that the chocolate chemical is 33% more effective than codeine for treating chronic cough.


A latest study reveals…


A new European study on the over-the-counter cough remedies also suggested the health benefits of chocolate in those with a cold. The latest study has found that patients, who took a new medicine containing the chocolate chemical, showed significant improvements in their cough symptoms and sleeplessness within two days. European researchers also claim that slowly eating a piece of dark chocolate can relieve inflammation or irritation by forming a coat over the nerve endings that cause the urge to cough.

So, next time if you have a cough and cold, grab one truly healthy, organic raw chocolate and get relief from cough symptoms. Diet Angel is the #1 supplier of organic cold processed chocolates in Malaysia. Buy 100% raw dark chocolate bars only from outlets in Malaysia where Diet Angel supplies organic cold processed chocolates. Entertain your sweet tooth cravings, get relief from cough and enjoy!