• About us

    “Understanding is deeper than knowledge. Understand About Us today.”

Our Mission

We supply truly good premium ingredients to inspire and spread the goodness and joy of whole foods creation.

Our Vision

We change the way you think about food. We strive to be the leading source of supply for the best wholesome, truly healthy, truly wonderful premium food products originating from all over the world!

Diet Angel Enterprise (2162568-K) (“the Enterprise”) was founded in 2012, subsequent to a 2-year exploration and study of raw food diet, a revolutionary lifestyle based on consumption of whole foods, specifically raw, organic plant-based diet.

The thrust of the raw food diet is the consumption of unprocessed, whole plant-based foods, prepared at a temperature threshold of about 46°C so as to maintain the nutrients, natural food enzymes and mineral.

The challenge of getting truly good, cold-processed, natural and wholesome ingredients to prepare the many delicious raw food motivated the founder to source and bring in the premium range of products into Malaysia. That was the start of the Enterprise’s operations in Kuala Lumpur.

With great anticipation of sharing the benefits and joy of raw food diet within the community in Malaysia and beyond, the Enterprise desires for more people to find greater enjoyment in creating wholesome foods, beverages and desserts with this back-to-nature approach of eating. Hence, the set-up of a small-scale awareness campaign through a Facebook page called Diet Angel Foods, and subsequently the set-up of the Enterprise was initiated to fulfill the passion.

Today, we are the importer and distributor of a range of truly good premium ingredients, food and snacks based in Kuala Lumpur. We supply the products to organic retailers, supermarkets and food businesses to meet the demands of people who appreciate the goodness of wholesome ingredients. We meet the demands of people who truly care for what goes inside their mouth and their families’!